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Beijing Tiantan Hospital

Beijing Tiantan Hospital Neurosurgery Center (BTHNC) is the most renowned neurosurgical center in China.

Beijing Tiantan Hospital Neurosurgery Center

Beijing Tiantan Hospital Neurosurgery Center (BTHNC) is the most renowned neurosurgical center in China. In the early 1980s, after 30 years of hard work, Dr. Wang Chungcheng, a principal pioneer of neurosurgery in China, founded Beijing Tiantan Hospital for the purpose of establishing the Department of Neurosurgery. Since then, BTHNC has become the largest neurosurgical center in China.

It is also the most important neurosurgical training center for neurosurgery in China.

The annual number of brain surgery increased continuously, and exceeding 7000 after 2005. The annual number of outpatient clinic visit is more than 70,000. The faculty consists of 45 full-time senior professors covering the full range of neurosurgical clinical practice and basic research.


CEREBRAL VASCULAR DISEASES SUBDIVISION: The largest surgical center of CVD in China. Annually, more than 300 cases of aneurysms and AVMs are surgically clipped or resected with very low morbidity and less than 1.5% mortality.

PEDIATRIC NEUROSURGERY SUBDIVISION: One of only a few neurosurgical divisions for children in China. Annually, 600 to 700 operations are performed to resect all types of brain and spinal tumors in children. For cases of craniopharyngioma, gross total resection are achieved in many, and long-term favorable outcome in most. For medulloblastomas, the combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy after surgery leads to 68% 5-year survival. Surgeries using the transcallosal-transfornixial approach have been performed for more than 500 patients with intra-third ventricle tumors (craniopharyngiomas, teratomas, and gliomas in the anterior, middle or posterior regions) with excellent tumor resection results and postoperative quality of life. The combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy provides excellent tumor control in both short-term and long-term treatment of germinomas.


GLIOMA TREATMENT SUBDIVISION: Yearly, more than 700 patients receive treatment in this division.

PITUITARY ADENOMA TREATMENT SUBDIVISION: Annually, more than 500 patients undergo surgical resection and more than 5000 visit the outpatient clinic.

FUNCTIONAL AND EPILEPSY SUBDIVISION: Surgery to treat movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy have been conducted for more than 20 years. Currently, deep brain stimulators are implanted monolaterally or bilaterally in tens of cases yearly. Hundreds of refractory epilepsy are cured through surgical approaches.

NEUROENDOSCOPY SUBDIVISION: Neuroendoscopy is used widely in the resection of pituitary adenomas, suprasellar and intraventricular cysts, and hydrocephalus treatment. More than 1500 cases have received this minimally invasive service in the past ten years.

BRAIN INJURY SUBDIVISION: Yearly, 700-900 brain injury cases, oftentimes severe, are transferred to this unit. The use of hypothermia, intracranial monitoring, and many other facilities are employed to rescue patients. Mortality and severe morbidity have dropped to a reasonable level.

SPINAL TUMOR SUBDIVISION: Yearly, more than 400 cases of tumors undergo resection. Additionally, some craniocervical junction malformations, such as Chiari malformations, are treated surgically.

BRANCHES AND COLLABORATIVE CENTERS: BTHNC has established 2 clinical branches in Beijing and 10 collaborative neurosurgical centers all over China. These centers allow more than 1000 patients each year to benefit from the expertise of Tiantan’s neurosurgical faculty while being treated in the comfort and convenience of a local hospital. These outreach efforts also promote the advancement of neurosurgerical technique in local hospitals.

Facilities which directly support the Neurosurgical Centers of Excellence: Operation Rooms: newly rebuilt in 2003, accommodates 15 high quality units for neurosurgery. Neurosurgical ICU: equipped for vital physiological and intensive brain monitoring techniques (including transcranial Doppler, cerebral metabolism). Neuronavigation System and Real time ultrasound monitoring, open MRI. Intraoperative electrophysiological monitoring: routine for skullbase, intramedullary, epilepsy surgeries. Intraoperative Angiogram: DSA and Indocyaninegreen (ICG) angiogram Neuroimaging center: 4 sets of MRI (3.0 telsa), 4 sets of CT, 2 sets of DSA, ECT, and Magnetic Encephalogram (MEG) units. PACS: Since 2002 the results of all labs and imaging studies in the clinic are available anywhere in hospital through intranet. It also serves the administration and enables all resources to run more efficiently.

NEUROVASCULAR INTERVENTION UNIT: Most famous neurovascular intervention unit in China since its founding in the 1980s. Currently, about 1000 patients undergo interventional diagnosis and treatment each year. In addition to the embolization of aneurysms, vascular malformations and fistulas, it also uses stents for ischemic stroke.

RADIOTHERAPY CENTER: Gamma knife radiosurgery has been employed since 1994. In the past 5 years, more than 1000 patients undergo GKR annually. It shows excellent tumor control in pituitary adenomas, acoustic neuromas, skullbase meningiomas, and brain metastatic tumors. Conventional radiotherapy is also available at this center. Germinoma and medulloblastoma patients receive a combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

RESEARCH CENTER: BEIJING NEUROSURGICAL INSTITUTE: Founded in 1960, includes research departments in microanatomy, neurotransmission, neuroendocrinology, neural injury and repair, neural stem cells, neurobiology, and cerebral vascular disease as well as a state-certified lab animal center.

ACADEMIC COMMUNICATION: Yearly, many world-renowned neurosurgeons visit this institution, such as. Drs. Law, A. L. Rhoton, R. Spetzler, J. Ausman, Suzuki, V. Dolenc, Samii, A. Perneczky, Bason, Atos, etc. Annually, BTHNC hosts national conventions of neurosurgery and continuous training courses in microanatomy, surgical technique, new concepts of neurosurgery, etc. Hundreds of participants from all over China attend.

RESIDENCY AND FELLOWSHIP TRAINING: Yearly, about 20 residents and more than 100 neurosurgeons from all over China receive their training and fellowship at BTHNC.


Department of Neurosurgery at Beijing Tiantan Hospital Capital University of Medical Sciences, 6 Tiantan Xili, Chongwen District, Beijing, 100050, People’s Republic of China TELEPHONE: 86-10-67096523, 86-10-67098431 FAX: 86-10-65113440, 86-10-67051377 EMAIL: Website:, or MAP and DIRECTIONS Located in downtown Beijing with convenient transportation to the airport (35 km from Beijing Capital Intl Airport), railway station and bus stop. It is 3 km south of Tiananmen Square, southwest of the Temple of Heaven, and east of Xiannongtan Stadium.


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