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Thorough analysis of the available archeological and literary evidence reveals that trepanation was widely practiced throughout China thousands of years ago. A significant number of trepanned Chinese skulls have been unearthed showing signs of healing and suggesting that patients survived after surgery. Trepanation was likely performed for both therapeutic and/or spiritual reasons. Medical and historical works from Chinese literature contain descriptions of primitive neurosurgical procedures. These include stories of surgeons, such as the legendary Hua Tuo, and surgical techniques used for the treatment of brain pathologies. The lack of translation of Chinese reports into the English language and/or lack of publications on this topic in the English language may have contributed to the misconception that ancient China was devoid of trepanation. A paper summarizes the available evidence attesting to the performance of successful primitive cranial surgery in ancient China 1).

see Neurosurgery in the People’s Republic of China: an Update from Ling Feng





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