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Gruppo Otologico

The Gruppo Otologico was established in 1983 as a specialist institute at Piacenza, Italy for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the ear, skull base, paranasal sinuses and head & neck. Gruppo Otologico is a team of highly specialized doctors and support staff whose strive to achieve excellence in patient care with compassion. The success of this center has lead this to be recognized as one of the premier institutes in the world for Otology & Skull Base Surgery receiving patients from across the world. The institute is also an internationally recognized center for training in advanced Otology & Skull Base Surgery.


The Gruppo Otologico is one of the first private institutions in Italy exclusively dedicated to the diseases of the ear (Otology) & skull base. In a span of 3 decades, it grew into being one of the largest and the most prestigious centers in Europe for advanced Otology, Implantology and Skull Base diseases. Over the last 30 years, this institute has performed over 30,000 surgeries including 5000 for skull base diseases on patients from 45 countries across the globe, in particular reaching over 3000 surgeries of Vestibular Schwannoma. Gruppo Otologico is also the nodal base of the Italian Otological and Neurotological Association (AINOT). This is one of the centers recognized by the European Association of Otology & Neurotology (EAONO) for clinical training in Europe. The Gruppo Otologico has published 15 book titles and 390 scientific articles. 85 fellows and over 500 observers from 35 countries have trained in this institute thus far.

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