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Intraparenchymal schwannoma

Intracranial schwannomas not arising from the facial, trigeminal, or vestibular nerves are extremely rare in non-neurofibromatosis patients 1). Only few well-documented cases of intracerebral schwannomas have been reported in the world literature 2).

Intraparenchymatous schwannomas of the central nervous system are rare. A literature survey revealed reports of 65 such cases 3)).

Intraparenchymal schwannomas are detected either in the first two decades, when they present with an indolent, slow-growing course, or in the elderly, when their symptoms evolve rapidly 4).

The presence of a cyst together with the tumor appears to be characteristic of such intraparenchymal schwannomas of the brain 5).

Case reports

A 39-year-old female had been subject to headache, and intermittent seizures for 9 years and decreasing memory for one year, without obvious neurological signs. An MRI revealed a 2×2 cm contrast-enhanced lesion in the frontal lobe, with a cyst and peritumoral edema, which was not attached to the dura or falx. Preoperatively, it was diagnosed as a glioma. Total surgical removal of the lesion led to a favorable result. Post-operative histo-pathological examination showed characteristic Antoni A and B areas consistent with intraparenchymal schwannoma. Intraparenchymal schwannoma is an extremely uncommon lesion, which is seen mostly in young adults and children. The main clinical symptoms include rising-intracranial-pressure-related manifestations and associated seizure disorders. The possible developmental origins, histological, imaging features, and protocols of treatment for this entity are discussed.

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