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Markwalder grading score

The Markwalder grading score used as a prognostic score in chronic subdural hematoma is:

Grade 0: Neurologically normal

Grade 1: Alert and orientated: absence of mild symptoms such as headache, or mild neurological deficit such as reflex asymmetry

Grade 2: Drowsy or disorientated, or variable neurological deficit such as hemiparesis

Grade 3: Stuporous, but responding appropriately to noxious stimuli, several focal signs such as hemiplegia

Grade 4: Comatose with absent motor responses to painful stimuli, decerebrate or decorticate posturing 1)

Markwalder TM, Steinsiepe KF, Rohner M, Reichenbach W, Markwalder H. The course of chronic subdural hematomas after burr-hole craniostomy and closed-system drainage. Journal of neurosurgery. 1981 Sep; 55(3):390-6.
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