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see neuronavigation.

Recently, intraoperative stereotactic navigation has become more available in spine surgery. Stereotactic navigation with cone-beam fluoroscopy and CT and the use of the O arm (Medtronic) 3D imaging with stereotactic computer navigation have been well described for the safe and accurate placement of pedicle screws 1) 2).

Stereotactic navigation may also be used to advance surgical treatment of spinal neoplasms. The use of image guidance has been described in surgical planning for resection of spinal tumors 3) 4).

It has been used to both plan osteotomies and to carry out minimally invasive surgical techniques. The result is to minimize the extent of surgery in the oncological patient. It is proposed that stereotactic intraoperative navigation can be of further utility in tumor resection by aiding in the localization of spinal lesions and intraoperative visualization of margins 5).

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