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Recombinant protein

MeTro is an elastic hydrogel-based sealant from a modified recombinant protein that can be rapidly polymerized with UV light to adhere strongly to soft tissue and withstand supraphysiological conditions. A recent study introduced this compound and performed a battery of biophysical tests to demonstrate the efficacy of MeTro to stop air leaks in rat and porcine lung and to maintain hemostasis in rat aorta.

Methacryloyl-substituted tropoelastin (MeTro), designed for use in pulmonary and vascular closures, shows promise for neurosurgical applications based on its highly adhesive and elastic properties, as well as its ability to promote cell adhesion and proliferation 1)

Annabi N , Zhang YN , Assmann A et al. Engineering a highly elastic human protein based sealant for surgical applications . Sci Transl Med . 2017 ;9 (410 ):1 -14.
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