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Transchoroidal approach

This approach consists of opening the taenia fornicis of the choroidal fissure in the body of the lateral ventricle and approaching the third ventricle between the two internal cerebral veins. This route allows further posterior enlargement of the foramen of Monro without sacrificing any neural structures. When necessary, the anterior septal vein can be sacrificed.

Twenty adult cadaveric brains and four adult cadaveric heads were studied, using a magnification ranging from 3 times to 40 times, after perfusion of the arteries and veins with colored latex.

The choroidal fissure is a natural cleft between the thalamus and the fornix, and it is identified by following the choroid plexus in the lateral ventricle. The choroid plexus in the body of the lateral ventricle originates from the tela choroidea of the roof of the third ventricle and is apparently attached to the fornix by the taenia fornicis and to the thalamus by the taenia choroidea. The taenia is actually the ependyma that covers the internal wall of the ventricular cavity and the choroid plexus.

An understanding of the choroidal fissure is fundamental for use of the transchoroidal approach. Unlike transforaminal, subchoroidal, subforniceal, and interforniceal approaches to the third ventricle, which sacrifice some neural or vascular structures, the transchoroidal approach follows a natural route, and certainly it is one of the options to be considered when entry into the third ventricle is required 1).

see Transtemporal transchoroidal fissure approach

Ito et al demonstrate an interhemispheric transchoroidal approach for third ventricular teratoma resection. Interhemispheric dissection exposed the corpus callosum at a length of about 2 cm. A callosotomy was made to enter into the right lateral ventricle. After septal vein ligation, dissection was made of the space between the right fornix and right internal cerebral vein (ICV); thus bilateral fornix and left ICV would be retracted to the left; right choroid plexus, right ICV to the right. By this transchoroidal approach, the foramen of Monro was extended posteriorly, providing enough of a surgical corridor to resect a posteriorly located third ventricular tumor. The video can be found here: 2).

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