The Chiari malformations were first described in 1891 by Hans Chiari, Austrian pathologist (1851-1916)

In 1891, Hadra 1) described wiring of the spinous processes to treat a cervical fracture.

In 1891, Topuzlu operated on a BA that originated as a complication of a depression fracture of the cranial inner table; this case is highlighted because it was not only the first case of BA to be treated successfully with surgical intervention in the Ottoman Empire, but also one of the first cases of neurological surgery performed using contemporary anesthesiological and surgical techniques, which reveals the importance of neurological examination and cerebral localization techniques in the era before x-rays 2).

In 1891, an orthopedic surgeon in New York noted the disappearance of an inoperable sarcoma in a patient after a febrile illness. This observation resulted in experiments assessing the utility of heat therapy or thermotherapy for the treatment of cancer

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