In 1881, Litten first described an intraretinal hemorrhage associated with subarachnoid hemorrhage in the German literature.

However, Terson's description of vitreous hemorrhage following subarachnoid hemorrhage in 1900 is now associated with this syndrome.

Harvey Williams Cushing 14-month Wanderjahr had a profound effect on his subsequent personal career, which in turn ushered in the modern age of American neurosurgery. From July 1900 to August 1901, he traveled to European neurosurgical centers in England, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. His excursion happened at a crucial moment in his trajectory; it was built on his existing foundation of Halstedian surgical training and occurred at a time when interest in the special field of neurological surgery was emerging. The research and clinical experiences on his journey-good and bad-undoubtedly informed his fledgling neurosurgical practice.

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