Endarterectomy was first performed on a superficial femoral artery in 1946 by the Portuguese surgeon João Cid dos Santos at the University of Lisbon. In 1951, E. J. Wylie, an American, performed it on the abdominal aorta. The first successful reconstruction of the carotid artery was performed by Carrea, Molins, and Murphy in Argentina, later in the same year.

The PLIF procedure was first described in 1944 by Briggs and Milligan 1) who used laminectomy bone chips in the disc space as interbody graft. In 1946, Jaslow 2) modified the technique by positioning an excised portion of the spinous process within the intervertebral space. It was not until 1953 when Cloward 3) described his technique, which used impacted blocks of iliac crest autograft that the popularity of PLIF surgery increased. Although technically more difficult than posterolateral fusion techniques (i.e., intertransverse fusion in which bone graft spans between the transverse processes), the PLIF procedure was found to have the advantage of substantially increased fusion rates, often in excess of 85%. Despite the increased fusion rate, this technique was fraught with complications related to blood loss, dural/neural injury, graft extrusion, and arachnoiditis 4).

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