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The first use of fluorescence for brain tumor surgery was in 1948 by G.E. Moore 1) using fluorescein sodium.

Bilateral cingulotomy is a form of psychosurgery, introduced in 1948 as an alternative to lobotomy.

The Ferguson method for the study of scoliosis was first described in 1930 2), and the Cobb method, which is still considered the state of the art, was introduced in 1948 3).

Parsonage-Turner Syndrome is named after Maurice Parsonage and John Turner and published in The Lancet in 1948 by Parsonage and Turner 4). The condition, subsequently coined Parsonage-Turner Syndrome, had been previously described in the literature as far back as 1897 with many similar clinical presentations of the syndrome reported prior to the extensive study of the syndrome by Parsonage and Turner.

Neurosurgical service in Indonesia was first established in 1948 at Princess Margriet Hospital in Jakarta (previously known as Batavia) by the Dutch Red Cross during the war for Indonesian independence.

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