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The use of corticosteroids to treat cerebral edema in brain tumor patients dates back to case reports by Ingraham and Matson in 1952 1).

Intra-arterial (IA) delivery of chemotherapeutic agents for brain tumors was introduced as a therapeutic option as far back as 1950 by Klopp et al in animals 2) and 1952 by French et al in humans 3).

Love and Dodge 4) in 1952 first coined the term dumbbell tumor, reporting a neurogenic tumor with in growths into the spinal canal. In addition, these tumors may grow extensively outside the spinal canal and compress the paraspinal-iliopsoas complexes as well as retroperitoneal vascular structures.

James Watson Kernohan has been recognized as the first neurosurgeon to report an intramedullary schwannoma case in 1952, though Wilder Penfield had already described an intramedullary lesion with schwannomas characteristics in 1932 5).

Baylor College of Medicine Department of Neurosurgery was established in 1952 as a division of the Department of Surgery, and is led by department chair, Dr. Daniel Yoshor.

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