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Peter J. Jannetta proposed the neurovascular compression (NVC) theory in 1967 1).

Hovelacque (1967) was the first to propose the subdivision of jugular foramen. The foramen is divided by a fibrous or bony septum that joins the jugular spine of the petrous bone to the jugular process of occipital bone, the anteromedial compartment (pars nervosa) and a posterolateral compartment (pars vascularis).

The smaller, anteromedial, “pars nervosa” compartment contains CN IX, Jacobson nerve (or the tympanic nerve, a branch of CN IX), and receives the venous return from inferior petrosal sinus.

The larger, posterolateral, “pars vascularis” compartment contains CN X, CN XI, Arnold's nerve (or the auricular branch of CN X involved in the Arnold's reflex, where external auditory meatus stimulation causes cough), jugular bulb, and posterior meningeal branch of ascending pharyngeal artery 2).

Renato Ruberti came to Kenya several times as a tourist before deciding, on the invitation of the Kenya Government, to settle in Kenya and pioneer Neurosurgery in 1967. He established a Neurosurgical Service at the Kenyatta National Hospital where he lectured and was instrumental in training young Neurosurgeons. He then set up Centres of Neurosurgery at the Nairobi Hospital, the Aga Khan and the M. P. Shah Hospital.

Jannetta PJ: Arterial compression of the trigeminal nerve at the pons in patients with trigeminal neuralgia. J Neurosurg 26:159–162, 1967
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