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In 1973, Epstein identified lateral recess stenosis as another cause of canal narrowing 1). It was not until 1975 with the evolution of cross-sectional imaging and 1980's advances in CT and later MRI, that it became apparent that the soft tissue ligaments were a major cause of primary and also secondary stenosis.

In 1973, Hart and Earle coined the term “primitive neuroectodermal tumor2)

The artery of Percheron is named after the French neurologist Gérard Percheron, who described it in 1973 3).

World Neurosurgery is a bimonthly peer reviewed medical journal that was established in 1973 as Surgical Neurology before obtaining its current name in 2010. It is published by Elsevier and is the official journal of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies.

Lumbar nerve root compression at the intervertebral foramina caused by arthritis of the posterior facet. Epstein JA, Epstein BS, Lavine LS, et al. J Neurosurg. 1973;39:362–369.
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