Intrathecal baclofen was first introduced in 1985 to manage childhood hypertonia.

Cerebellar mutism (CM) was first described by Rekate et al. in 1985 following posterior fossa surgery in children 1).

In 1985 Van Gijn and co-workers were the first to describe a particular subgroup of patients who presented with an acute subarachnoid hemorrhage with the clot seen on computed tomography (CT) confined to the perimesencephalic cisterns and adjacent subarachnoid spaces.

All of the 13 patients in this series had negative cerebral angiograms and followed a benign clinical course with excellent outcome 2)

The House-Brackmann score carries the name of the Dr John W. House and Dr Derald E. Brackmann, otolaryngologists in Los Angeles, California, who first described the system in 1985 3).

In 1985, Takeshi Kawase published an anterior petrosal approach to expose the posterior cranial fossa and to minimize retraction of the temporal lobe.

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