A Life in Neurosurgery From Air Studies to Genomic Medicine Meeting the Twentry-First Century Challenge in Neuroscience

A Life in Neurosurgery addresses the challenge and opportunity in neuroscience in the twenty-first century. A memoir of a half-century neurosurgery career and the development of neurology, neurosurgery, and the Illinois Neurological Institute. The trail from placing air in the ventricles of the brain to diagnose brain tumor to CRISPR genome editing to eliminate Duchene muscular dystrophy, a remarkable odyssey. This book will capture those interested in the history of medicine and the current challenge in providing neurological care in the United States. Part II provides information of value to families coping with neurological illness. The remarkably diverse opportunities in neurology and neurosurgery are of interest to students considering a career in medicine. The challenge facing health care system administrators in providing neurological specialty care is addressed.

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