Acinetobacter baumannii ventriculitis


Neurosurgery Department, University General Hospital of Alicante, Foundation for the Promotion of Health and Biomedical Research in the Valencian Region (FISABIO), Alicante, Spain

Even though meningitis caused by Acinetobacter baumannii is relatively rare, it is associated with high mortality rates especially in neurosurgery patients and represents a serious therapeutic problem due to the limited penetration of effective antibiotics into the cerebrospinal fluid.

Multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii ventriculitis is a serious clinical challenge for neurosurgeons 1).

Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF) has been effectively used as a rapid method for microbial identification.

In a case report Brunetti et al. identified A. baumanni by MALDI-TOF technique directly from the CSF drawn from the external ventricular drainage of a patient with severe confusional state and signs of meningism. Simultaneously the antibiotic susceptibility test was performed by automated method from the pellet of the broth-enriched sample. The MALDI-TOF technique allowed microbial identification in less than 30 minutes, and the susceptibility test result was available in eight hours, thus allowing a fast diagnosis ready for prompt and targeted antimicrobial therapy 2).

Acinetobacter baumannii ventriculitis treatment.

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