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Damage to the cerebellum, particularly to the cerebrocerebellum area and the cerebellar vermis, is almost always associated with clinical depression and often with alcoholism.

see Osmotic demyelination syndrome.

Data suggest that while heavy current alcohol consumption is associated with significant impairment in a number of neurocognitive domains, history of alcohol dependence, even in the absence of heavy current alcohol use, is associated with lasting negative consequences for neurocognitive function 1).

Victor Horsley was a supporter for Women's Suffrage, and was an opponent of tobacco and alcohol.

Having observed that many injuries admitted to the hospital were due to alcohol, Horsley threw himself into becoming a temperance reformer. He soon rose up to the position of a vice-president of the National Temperance League and the president of the British Medical Temperance Association. In 1907, along with Dr. Mary Sturge he published a book on alcoholism called Alcohol and the Human Body.

Luo et al., showed that the metabolite content and axonal fibre changes in the pontine of chronic ethanol-treated rats can be detected using MRS and DTI at 7.0 T earlier than conventional MRI, which provide objective indicators for the early diagnosis and treatment of chronic alcoholism 2).

Baclofen is primarily used to treat spasticity and is in the early research stages for use for the treatment of alcoholism.

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