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Anaplastic ganglioglioma (AGG) is a very rare type of brain tumor that is a type of ganglioglioma. In general, gangliogliomas are classified as grade I or low grade tumors, meaning that they grow slowly and are considered benign. Anaplastic gangliogliomas, however, are considered grade III or high grade tumors, which means that they are usually aggressive, malignant tumors. The main treatment is removal of the entire tumor during surgery. If the entire tumor is not removed, it has the potential to recur and may require additional surgery or treatments, such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Unfortunately, because gangliogliomas are quite rare, there is limited information to show that radiation therapy or chemotherapy are effective treatments for this condition 1).

Selvanathan SK, Hammouche S, Salminen HJ, Jenkinson MD. Outcome and prognostic features in anaplastic ganglioglioma: analysis of cases from the SEER database. Journal of Neuro-oncology. 2011; Epub ahead of print: Accessed 10/18/2011.
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