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Angiogram negative subarachnoid hemorrhage

Angiogram-negative subarachnoid hemorrhage (anSAH) accounts for 15% of spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage SAH.

The overall incidence of true aneurysms in patients with angiogram-negative SAH is low (2.9%). Initial bleeding pattern strongly correlates with diagnostic yield and clinical outcome. Diffuse bleeding pattern is associated with significantly higher diagnostic yield, more in-hospital complications, and worse clinical outcome. Patients with initial imaging characteristics other than diffuse pattern SAH developed few disease related complications, with the majority of in-hospital adverse events treatment related 1).

Standard magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) rarely identifies the cause of hemorrhage in patients with an angiogram-negative, non perimesencephalic subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). Yet up to 10 % of these patients have recurrent hemorrhage

Vessel wall-MRI showed abnormalities in seven patients with angiogram-negative SAH. These findings did not alter patient management, but the findings may be useful for other physicians who choose to perform vessel wall-MRI in this patient population 2).


Low complication rate, especially in the p-SAH group 3).

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