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Anterior Cerebral Artery Segments

The Anterior Cerebral Artery (ACA) is classified into 5 segments with the smaller branches from the ACA “callosal” arteries (supracallosal) considered as the A4 and A5 segments 1).

A1 Segment

A2 segment

A3 segment

see Anterior Cerebral Artery A3 segment.

The segment of the anterior cerebral artery distal to the anterior communicating artery (A2 to A5) has also been called the pericallosal artery. The two first conical branches of the ACerA supplying the medial surface, the orbitofrontal and the frontopolar arteries, usually arise from the A2 segment. The segments A3 to A5 give rise to other cortical branches to supply the medial surface of the hemisphere.

A4 segment

A5 segment

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