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Anterior cervical plating

Practice guideline

1 level ADCF: The addition of an anterior plate to an ACDF is recommended to reduce the pseudarthrosis rate and graft problems (Level D Class III) and to maintain lordosis (Level C Class II) but it does not improve clinical outcome alone (Level B-Class II) 1).

2 level ADCF: Plating is recommended to improve arm pain. The plating does not improve other outcome parameters 2).

1) , 2)
Matz PG, Ryken TC, Gro MW, Vresilovic EJ, Anderson PA, Heary RF, Holly LT, Kaiser MG, Mummaneni PV, Choudhri TF, Resnick DK. Techniques for anterior cervical decompression for radiculopathy. J Neurosurg: Spine. 2009; 11:183–197
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