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Anterior communicating artery aneurysm treatment

The aspect ratio, direction of the dome, and fenestration should be examined most meticulously when deciding when to treat an Anterior communicating artery aneurysm 1).

The direction in which the fundus projects was chosen as the morphological criterion between endovascular and surgical methods. Proust et al. proposed that microsurgical clip application should be the preferred option in the treatment of ACoA aneurysms with anteriorly directed fundi and that endovascular packing be selected for those lesions with posteriorly directed fundi, depending on morphological criteria 2).

Endovascular coiling (EC) resulted in a more favorable clinical outcome, and microsurgical clipping (MC) resulted in more robust aneurysm repair, for unruptured ACoA aneurysms. Stent assisted coiling (SAC) had a higher treatment morbidity risk than EC, without reduction in retreatment rate. All treatments were effective in preventing SAH. The current pooled analysis of treatment outcomes provides a useful aid to pretreatment clinical decision making 3).

Morphological Scoring System of Choi 4).

Endovascular treatment



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