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Anticoagulation Resumption after intracerebral hemorrhage

A multidisciplinary panel by a stroke physician or neurologist, a cardiologist, a neuroradiologist and a neurosurgeon should evaluate the benefits and the risks for each patient and decide the best therapeutic strategy 1).

Oral anticoagulant (OAC) cessation exposes patients to a significantly higher risk of thromboembolism, which could be reduced by resumption. The optimal timing of anticoagulation resumption after ICH is still unknown. Both early (< 2 weeks) and late (> 4 weeks) resumption should be reached only after very careful assessment of risks for ICH recurrence and thromboembolism. The introduction of new oral anticoagulants and other interventions, such as left atrial appendage closure, has provided some patients with more alternatives. Given the lack of high-quality evidence to guide clinical decision-making, clinicians must carefully balance the risks of thromboembolism and recurrent ICH in individual patients.

Li and Lip proposed a management approach which would facilitate the decision-making process on whether anticoagulation is appropriate, as well as when and how to restart anticoagulation after ICH 2).

Anticoagulation Resumption with mechanical hearth valve after intracerebral hemorrhage

Anticoagulation Resumption with mechanical hearth valve after intracerebral hemorrhage

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