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Anticoagulation Resumption with mechanical hearth valve after intracerebral hemorrhage

Restarting within less than 2 weeks after ICH in patients with mechanical heart valves (MHVs) was associated with increased haemorrhagic complications. Optimal weighing-between least risks for thromboembolic and haemorrhagic complications-provided an earliest starting point of TA at Day 6, reserved only for patients at high thromboembolic risk. 1).

A cross-sectional survey was disseminated to North American members of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and the International Society for Thrombosis and Haemostasis. Demographic factors, as well as a clinical scenario with 14 modifiable clinical risk factors were included in the survey.

RESULTS: 504 physicians completed our survey (response rate 34.3%). Majority of participants were affiliated with academic centres, and managed≤10 ICH patients with MHV per year. There was wide distribution in response in optimal timing for OAC resumption following an ICH: 59% and 60% preferred to re-start OAC between 3 and 14 days following the hemorrhagic event (median of 6-7 days). Smaller hemorrhages (<30cm2). CHADS2 score ≥2, concomitant venous thromboembolism, mitral valve prosthesis, caged-ball valves and multiple valves prompted earlier OAC resumption.

CONCLUSION: Wide variation in the current practice of neurosurgeons and thrombosis specialists exist when they encounter patients with ICH and MHV, though decisions were influenced by patient- and valve-related factors. As our observed variation likely reflects the immense gap in current evidence, prospective randomized trials in this population are therefore urgently needed 2).

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