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Antony (Antoine) Chipault (1866-1920) has remained an obscure historical figure in neurosurgery yet nevertheless he was one of the pioneers and was once considered the poten-tial father of French neurosurgery. Chipault was named at birth Antonio Maxime Nicolas ChinauIt on July 16, 1866, in the town of Orleans, France. His father was a surgeon he began his medical studies in Paris at the age of 18.

Initially qualified as a gynecologist but liter became interested in neurology. It became initially interested in the anatomy cif the spine And published a now rare seminal monfigraph Etudes de Chmirgir Airdidialres) “ In 1891 he began work ing with Professor Duplay at the hotel Dieu under whom he became interested in cramocertbral pathology. In 1894 he published his classic work on surgery of the spine And

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