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AONeuro is an initiative of the AO Foundation to expand its activities into the area of cranial neurosurgery.

Using the AO experiences and expertise, they are eager to help and support our cranial neuro friends pursue the solutions to problems they face in their line of expertise. The AO model allows them to do this while enjoying the collegiality of their educational partners, such as AOSpine and AOCMF. New and improved perspectives will be gained from international collaborations specializing in patient care and education, as has been seen in the other disciplines of the AO. Together, we can make a significant impact in this area of cranial neurosurgery and TBI in order to advance world health.

AONeuro Steering Group

The AONeuro Steering Group has been given the mandate by the AO Foundation Board to provide direction and guidance to the new AONeuro-related activities during the start-up phase.

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