AOSpine is the world’s leading community of spine surgeons, and researchers.

They have built there reputation on the shared knowledge of our members and a truly second-to-none education, research, and community development.

They continuously integrate the latest spine research advances and treatment outcomes into the educational programs so that the members are at the forefront of spinal care.

Above all, they are passionate about improving patients’ lives and advancing the members’ professional careers through shared knowledge and networking.

see AOSpine thoracolumbar spine injury classification system.

In 1958, four visionary Swiss surgeons shared a common goal: to conduct research into bone healing within a structured, coordinated study group. It was effectively the birth of the AO (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Osteosynthesefragen—literally translated, “working group for bone fusion issues”).

Year over year, its scope has expanded to keep pace with rapid developments in musculoskeletal surgery and patient care, and in 1984 the AO Foundation was formally established.

By the late 1990s, a group of spine surgeons realized the potential of a specialist organization with a focus on spine. Headed by John Webb, Max Aebi, and Paul Pavlov, and supported by the AO's industrial partners, their initiative led to the creation of an AO Specialty Board for Spine Surgery in 2000. Its mission was to grow spine expertise as a key competence of the AO Foundation, promoting and supporting the individual needs of spine surgeons.

Following a highly successful pilot period, AOSpine was formally established in 2003.

In 2019, the community of surgeons, researchers, and allied spine professionals is over 30,000 strong.

AOSpine Masters Courses

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