Arachnoid cyst

Arachnoid cysts are cerebrospinal fluid covered by arachnoid mater and collagen that may develop between the surface of the brain and the cranial base or on the arachnoid membrane. They can be located intracranially or in the spine 1).

Most cases begin during infancy; however, onset may be delayed until adolescence.

The prevalence of arachnoid cysts in children is 1-3%. They are more frequent in boys. They can be located intracranially or in the spine 2).

The association between a dermoid cyst and arachnoid cyst is extremely rare and when it is present may suggest the existence of a common factor. Abbou et al. presented a unique case of a young girl who developed headache and ataxia as a result of an intracranial infratentorial dermoid cyst and an arachnoid cyst of the cerebellopontine angle. Complete removal of the dermoid cyst and drainage of the cyst leads to a full recovery. Dermoid and arachnoid cyst are two pathologies with a possible common embryogenic factor, early surgery can give a better outcome in the long term 3).

They are a rare condition thought to be congenital in nature.

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