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Armoured brain

Armoured brain is a rare condition where dense calcification occurs over the brain. It can result in mass effect and raised intracranial pressure. Most often, it happens due to trauma, subdural effusion, infection, or after VP shunt. There is controversy in its treatment. Most published literature does not support removing the calcification. We describe a rare case of idiopathic chronic calcified subdural hematoma with relatively short history which was successfully treated by microsurgical removal of calcification over the brain. This resulted in complete expansion of the brain with relief in symptoms 1).

Goyal PK, Singh D, Singh H, Dubey J, Tandon M. Armoured brain of unknown etiology. Asian J Neurosurg. 2013 Jul;8(3):165. doi: 10.4103/1793-5482.121695. PubMed PMID: 24403965.
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