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Arterial hypertension treatment

There are anatomical and physiological evidences that the ventrolateral (VL) region of the medulla plays an important role in blood pressure regulation and that dysfunction at this level may generate hypertension (HT). Vascular compression by a megadolicho-artery from the vertebrobasilar arterial system at the root entry/exit zone (REZ) of the glossopharyngeal (IXth) and vagal (Xth) cranial nerves (CNs) and the adjacent VL aspect of the medulla has been postulated as a causal factor for HT from neurogenic origin. The first attempts at microvascular decompression (MVD) of the IX-Xth CNs together with the neighbouring VL brainstem was revealed promising. Established criteria for indication of MVD as an aetiological treatment of apparent essential HT are still needed 1).

Parenteral agents

Sindou M. Is There a Place for Microsurgical Vascular Decompression of the Brainstem for Apparent Essential Blood Hypertension? A Review. Adv Tech Stand Neurosurg. 2015;42:69-76. PubMed PMID: 25411145.
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