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Arterial spin labelled imaging for glioblastoma

The aim of a study of Beppu et al., was to clarify whether arterial spin labeling (ASL) perfusion imaging can assess biological effects from bevacizumab (BEV) therapy as reliably as PET with 11C methionine positron emission tomography.

Twenty-four patients with recurrent glioblastoma were examined using both ASL and C-met-PET before and 4 and 8 weeks after starting BEV treatment. Tumor-to-normal brain (T/N) ratios, fluctuations in T/N ratio, and tumor volumes were compared between ASL and C-met-PET. Accuracy of predicting patient with long progression free survival (PFS) was assessed for T/N ratios and fluctuations for ASL and C-met-PET in each phase and in each period using receiver operating characteristic curves. Between 2 groups of patients assigned by cutoff values from receiver operating characteristic curves, PFS was compared in each phase or in each period.

T/N ratios, fluctuations in ratio, and tumor volumes correlated significantly between ASL and C-met-PET at all time points and all periods. Arterial spin labeling was eligible as a predictor for long PFS only in assessment of fluctuations in T/N ratio. However, the most accurate predictors for long PFS were T/N ratio from C-met-PET at 8 weeks and the fluctuation from baseline to 4 weeks in T/N ratio from C-met-PET.

Blood flows on ASL correlated with accumulations of C-met on PET in recurrent glioblastoma under BEV treatment. Although C-met-PET offered superior accuracy for predicting patients with long PFS from time points, ASL offered reliable prediction of long PFS, provided that fluctuations in T/N ratio between consecutive scans are assessed 1).

ASL improves the diagnostic accuracy of DSC perfusion MRI in differentiating pseudoprogression from early tumor progression 2).

A study enrolled 60 glioblastoma patients with more than 5-mm-thick surgical cavity wall enhancement (SCWE)s as detected on contrast-enhanced MR imaging after concurrent chemoradiation therapy. Two independent readers categorized the shape and perfusion state of SCWEs as nodular or non-nodular and as having positive or negative perfusion compared with the contralateral grey matter on arterial spin labeling (ASL). The perfusion fraction on ASL within the contrast-enhancing lesion was calculated. The independent predictability of TTP was analyzed using the Kaplan-Meier method and Cox proportional hazards modelling.

The perfusion fraction was higher in the non-progression group, significantly for reader 2 (P = 0.03) and borderline significantly for reader 1 (P = 0.08). A positive perfusion state and (P = 0.02) a higher perfusion fraction of the SCWE were found to become an independent predictor of longer TTP (P = 0.001 for reader 1 and P < 0.001 for reader 2). The contrast enhancement pattern did not become a TTP predictor.

Assessment of perfusion in early post-treatment MR imaging can stratify TTP in patients with glioblastoma for adjuvant temozolomide therapy. Positive perfusion in SCWEs can become a predictor of a longer TTP 3).

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