The Avalon® Occipital Fixation System provides a comprehensive posterior solution and seamless connection with the use of the Solanas® Posterior Cervico-Thoracic Fixation System. The innovative design allows surgeons to more accurately place and secure bone graft for superior fusion and to provide additional stability to the construct.

The buttress design allows for optimal bone graft placement and compression. The bone graft may be firmly secured to the base of the buttress with the use of the three wiring holes.

Competitive designs require the bone graft to be placed on top of the plate making the overall prominence of the Avalon plate considerably less than that of the competition.

The Avalon® plate includes a 4.0mm – 3.3mm transition rod for easy integration with the Solanas® System. The increased cross sectional area of the transition results in greater construct strength.

The Avalon® plate is available in two sizes each with three points of rotation and translation. The locking clamps are able to slide and rotate while the locking clamp bushings can rotate to allow for easier rod placement and reduced operating time.

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