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 +=====Bilateral basal ganglia hemorrhage===== 
 +Raabe and Krug report a case of bilateral basal ganglionic haemorrhages which occurred during an attack of classical [[migraine]]. The patient had a history of migraine associated with aura of neurological deficit for 10 years and a history of arterial hypertension for 20 years, which was treated with [[propranolol]]. [[Intracerebral hemorrhage]] during an attack of migraine is very rare and up to now the existence of true migraine-induced intracerebral haemorrhage has been controversial. The case of bilateral occurrence of the haemorrhages supports the theory of the existence of migraine-induced damage of the wall of intraparenchymal vessels during vasoconstriction and focal ischaemia at the beginning of a migraine attack. Subsequent vessel rupture may occur during the following period of increased cerebral blood flow especially with coexisting arterial hypertension 
 +((Raabe A, Krug U. Migraine associated bilateral intracerebral haemorrhages. 
 +Clin Neurol Neurosurg. 1999 Sep;​101(3):​193-5. PubMed PMID: 10536906. 
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