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Tumor Paint BLZ100, a tumor ligand chlorotoxin (CTX) conjugated to indocyanine Green (ICG), has shown potential to be a targeted contrast agent. There are many infrared imaging systems (NIR) in use, but they are not optimized to the low concentration and amount of ICG

BLZ-100 has a very high affinity toward human gliomas. They also describe a small, cost-effective, and sensitive NIR system for visualizing brain tumors tagged using BLZ-100. Butte et al. hope that the use of BLZ-100 along with near infrared optical imaging imaging will be useful to delineate the brain tumors in real time and assist surgeons in near-complete tumor removal to increase survival and reduce neurological deficits 1).

Butte PV, Mamelak A, Parrish-Novak J, Drazin D, Shweikeh F, Gangalum PR, et al: Near-infrared imaging of brain tumors using the Tumor Paint BLZ-100 to achieve near-complete resection of brain tumors. Neurosurg Focus 36(2):E1, 2014
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