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 +Attainment of neuromicrosurgical [[skills]] is a challenge in [[teaching hospital]]s throughout [[training]]. [[Model]]s that mimic the [[workflow]], as well as [[haptic]]s, are time-consuming, expensive, unsuitable to serve as a routine platform.
 +Presenting a model and a set of [[task]]s, based upon a hard-[[boiled egg]], [[microscope]] and a [[cavitron ultrasonic aspirator]] ([[CUSA]]), which is cheap, easy to set up, and can be used for training [[microsurgery]] and [[CUSA]] skills, required for removal of deep-seated tumors.
 +The goal was to remove the [[egg yolk]] from within a hard-boiled egg, representing an [[intrinsic brain tumor]], surrounded by the egg's white, representing adjacent [[brain tissue]] while preserving it. The assessment was based on the yolk's exposure, completeness of removal and collateral damage, and [[task]] completion duration, with repeated trials (N=4), for validation purposes, for 6 operators with different experience levels.
 +Improvement in overall score (mean of 47.5±19 in the 1st trial vs 80.0±12 in the 4th trial, p<0.01), and task duration completion (mean initial duration of 21:25±4:52 minutes to 15:30±5:17 minutes, p<0.01) was observed. Parameters gradually improved on repeated attempts and the experience level of the operators correlated with scores.
 +The [[egg model]] is an easy-to-handle, cheap model that enables the acquisition of basic micro-neurosurgical skills and basic [[workflow]] required for removing [[intrinsic brain tumor]]s. The study of Doron et al. has validated and defined reproducible tasks that can be scored, correlated with performance. This model can be incorporated into a resident's routine and potentially provide an accessible training platform for neurosurgical trainees
 +((Doron O, Langer DJ, Paldor I. Acquisition of Basic Micro Neurosurgical Skills Using [[Cavitron Ultrasonic Aspirator]] in Low Cost Readily Available Models: The Egg Model. World Neurosurg. 2021 May 12:S1878-8750(21)00708-7. doi: 10.1016/j.wneu.2021.05.013. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33991732.)).
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