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Your brain activity differs depending on whether you're working on a task, or at rest — and just how much that activity differs may be linked to how smart you are, a new study finds.

Researchers found that people who displayed similar brain activity while at rest compared to while they were completing a mental task performed those tasks more efficiently than people whose brain activity differed more between their resting state and when they were working on a task.

In the study, the researchers analyzed a series of brain scans on 100 healthy adults who had participated in the Human Connectome Project, an ongoing neuroscience effort that involves researchers at many U.S. institutions, including the University of Southern California and Harvard University. The participants were asked to sit quietly during one of the brain scans so that scientists could see how their brains looked in a “resting state.” Then, the participants were asked to perform a series of cognitive tests while having their brains scanned

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