Brain Trauma Foundation

see Brain Trauma Foundation Guidelines.

1986: Dr. Jamshid Ghajar and the board of the Sunny von Bulow Coma and Head Trauma ResearchFoundation found BTF to support research on TBI

1992-1995: Awarded TBI research fellowships of $50,000 each to young neurosurgeons at top universities to advance research and foster interest in head injury

1995: Developed the first evidence-based Guidelines for Treating Severe TBI (coma), with a team of international experts; BTF’s Guidelines are updated regularly and include:

Management of Severe TBI

Management of Pediatric Severe TBI

Early Prognosis in Severe TBI

Surgical Management of TBI

Pre-hospital Management of Severe TBI

Field Management of Combat-Related TBI

2000: Established the first New York State TBI trauma center tracking and compliance network with the New York State Department of Health; similar networks throughout the U.S. and internationally followed

2002: The first organization to lead a university consortium to research the neurobiology of mild TBI (concussion) and to develop diagnosis methods and therapeutic interventions for the condition with funding provided by the James S. McDonnell Foundation

2008: Awarded second grant by the James S. McDonnell Foundation to lead another research consortium to examine the nature of attention and deficits in concussion patients

2008: Received the Department of Defense TBI Advanced Technology award to develop a portable device that detects concussion in seconds

2011: Partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the “Concussion Definition Consortium-An Evidence Based Project” to create an evidence-based definition of concussion to help with the identification, screening, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of the condition

2011: Received DoD Award for “EYE-TRAC Advance Study” to test 5,000 high school and college athletes and 5,000 military personal over a three-year period using BTF’s custom-developed portable eye-tracking device “Dynamic Visual Synchronization (DVS) Goggles”

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