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The Brief Pain Inventory (BPI) was developed from the Wisconsin Brief Pain Questionnaire.

The BPI assesses pain severity and the degree of interference with function, using 0–10 NRS. It can be self-administered, given in a clinical interview, or even administered over the telephone. Most patients can complete the short version of the BPI in 2 or 3 min. Chronic pain usually varies throughout the day and night, and therefore the BPI asks the patient to rate their present pain intensity, ‘pain now’, and pain ‘at its worst’, ‘least’, and ‘average’ over the last 24 h. Location of pain on a body chart and characteristics of the pain are documented.

The BPI also asks the patient to rate how much pain interferes with seven aspects of life: (1) general activity, (2) walking, (3) normal work, (4) relations with other people, (5) mood, (6) sleep, and (7) enjoyment of life. The BPI asks the patient to rate the relief they feel from the current pain treatment.

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