Cell-free DNA for glioblastoma

Liquid biopsy can be used to detect recurrent disease, often earlier than using imaging modalities. Liquid biopsy is a rapidly developing field, and similarly to other types of cancer, measuring circulating tumor-derived nucleic acids from biological fluid samples could be the future of differential diagnostics, patient stratification, and follow up in the future in glioblastoma as well 1).

A number of circulating factors have been examined, including circulating tumor cells, cell-free DNA, microRNA, exosomes, and proteins from both peripheral blood and cerebrospinal fluid with variable results 2).

It was feasible to measure Cell-free DNA concentration. Despite the limited cohort size, there was a good tendency between cfDNA and treatment course and -response, respectively with the highest levels at progression 3)

Plasma cell-free DNA may be an effective prognostic tool and surrogate of tumor burden in newly diagnosed glioblastoma. Detection of somatic alterations in plasma is feasible when samples are obtained prior to initial surgical resection 4).

It is a promising prognostic biomarker for IDH wild-type glioblastoma. Plasma cfDNA can be obtained noninvasively and may enable more accurate estimates of survival and effective clinical trial stratification 5)

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