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Central nervous system tumor



Tumours of central nervous system constitute 1%-2% of tumours in adults. The incidence of brain tumours has been reported to be around 3.9 and 3.0/one lac/year in males and females respectively.

Glioma and meningioma are the two most common primary central nervous system tumors, representing 70% and 20% of brain tumors, respectively 1) 2).

A total of 16 116 institutional records of CNS tumors were analyzed. The frequency and distribution of CNS tumors were evaluated by tumor type, patient age and patient gender. The annual relationship between CNS tumors and surgical discharges (SD) over the last 20 years was estimated.

The frequencies of most CNS tumors were consistent with those found worldwide, and the most common tumors were neuroepithelial tumors (33%), particularly astrocytic tumors (67%); meningeal tumors (26%); and pituitary tumors (20%). The incidence of pituitary tumors in these data was twice as high as that reported in other regions of the world, and the relationship between CNS tumors and SD was consistent over time (0.22-0.39).

This study summarizes the largest sample of CNS tumor cases analyzed in Mexico and provides an important reference of the frequency of this tumor type in the country. This work will serve as a basis for conducting studies evaluating factors associated with the presence of CNS tumors and for identifying adequate public health interventions 3).

see Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States.



Central nervous system tumors account for the highest mortality among pediatric malignancies.

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