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Central sulcus region

The central sulcus region, which consists of the precentral sulcus, precentral gyrus, central sulcus, postcentral gyrus, and postcentral sulcus, is an eloquent area situated between the frontal lobe and parietal lobes.

Cortical mapping obtained with direct cortical stimulation 1) and functional magnetic resonance imaging studies 2) showed almost identical functional maps, and both methods demonstrated that the motor hand area is located in the superior part of the precentral gyrus and in a knob on the precentral gyrus 3).

Another one is localizing the precentral knob, which can be recognized on the axial plane by the form of the Greek letter inverted omega 4).

The morphometric data presented in the article of Rodrigues et al. can be useful as supplementary method to identify the central sulcus region landmarks 5).

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