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Cerebrospinal fluid lactate

The predictive ability of CSF lactate for bacterial meningitis has been examined in two published metaanalysis 1) 2).

It can differentiate bacterial meningitis (> 6 mmol/l), from partially treated meningitis (4 to 6 mmol/l) and aseptic meningitis (< 2 mmol/l) 3) However, other researchers have suggested that CSF lactate offers no additional clinically useful information over conventional CSF markers 4) 5).

In a febrile patient with a ventriculostomy, diagnosing or excluding bacterial or microbial ventriculitis is difficult, as conventional markers in analysis of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) are not applicable due to presence of blood and inflammation.

Data from a large sample of CSF studies in patients with ventriculostomy indicate that no single value of CSF lactate provided both sensitivity and specificity high enough to be regarded as reliable test 6).

Glutamate and lactate are significantly increased in nonsurvival relative to survival patients. We tested the accuracy of both biomarkers to discriminate patient outcome. Setting a cutoff of >57.75, glutamate provides 80.0% of sensitivity and 84.62% of specificity (AUC: 0.8214, 95% CL: 54.55-98.08%; and a cutoff of >4.65, lactate has 100% of sensitivity and 85.71% of specificity (AUC: 0.8810, 95% CL: 54.55-98.08%). BDNF and GDNF did not discriminate poor outcome 7).

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