Cervical spinal cord ependymoma

Cervical spinal cord ependymoma.

see also High cervical spinal cord ependymoma.


A 34-year-old man presented with abnormally enhanced sweating on the left side of his neck, upper extremity, and chest that had been occurring for 1 year. In the sagittal MRI there were a centrally localized mass lesion extending from medulla and C1 to T2 vertebra level and expanding the cord. Surgical elimination of the tumor was performed with posterior midline approach and near total resection of tumor was achieved.

Cervical intramedullary ependymal is a rare, slow growing spinal cord tumor. Attention to uncommon characteristics like hyperhidrosis might be an important key to early diagnosis of this rare spinal tumor. Surgical resection is the choice of treatment with infrequent recurrence 1)


Cervical spinal cord ependymoma with NF1 is only reported once in a case of cervical spinal cord ependymoma in a patient with NF1 2).

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