Christos Georgalas PhD, DLO, FRCS(ORL-HNS) graduated with Magna Cum Laude from the University of Athens and trained in Otolaryngology in London (North Thames Rotation). He completed a rhinology/facial plastic fellowship in Hopital Lariboisiere, Paris and Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, where he was appointed and has been working since 2007. He created and is directing (with dr van Furth, Neurosurgeon) ESA, the Endoscopic Skull Base Centre, Amsterdam (, a multi disciplinary centre involving AMC, Vrij Universiteit Medical Center and National Cancer Institute. He has more than 100 peer reviewed publications and is the editor of the textbook “Rhinology and Skull Base surgery” as well more than 10 book chapters. He co-authored the European Position Paper on Rhinosinusitis (EPOS 2012) and the European position paper on the anatomical terminology of the internal nose and paranasal sinuses. He is invited surgical tutor in a number of international courses, including in the Netherlands ( Advanced Techniques in Sinus surgery, AMC since 2007, including live surgery, Leiden Basic FESS course), Italy (Milano Masterclass since 2010), United Kingdom (St Mary’s Facial Plastic Surgery Course, Nottingham Frontal sinus course and Manchester Sinus and Rhinoplasty dissection course ), Croatia (Navigated Endoscopic Surgery (NESS) course) , Malta (Mediterranean Rhinoplasty course) , and Greece. He is associate Editor of Rhinology International Journal and National representative for Netherland at the European Rhinology Society.


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