The current WHO classification on and its emphasis on molecular characteristics has made the distiction on between tumor grades less clear. The revised classification on now emphasizes molecular similarities, with only minimal morphologic and subjective differences between grades 2 and 3. This is reflected in the decreased difference in survival between grades 2 and 3 IDH-mutant (IDHmt) astrocytoma, and, taken together, this suggests more of a continuum between grades. Instead, the WHO appropriately now distinguishes between types of IDHmt glioma (astrocytoma for those 1p/19q intact and oligodendroglioma if 1p/19q is codeleted). There is now compelling evidence that patients with grade 2 or 3 IDH wild-type glioma with TERT mutations and polysomy of chromosome 7 plus loss of heterozygosity of chromosome 10q have similar outcomes compared with those with GBM.

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