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Validating the Clinical Question

The reviewers can promote a general evaluation of the proposed research question by using the FINER criteria: Feasible, Interesting, Novel, Ethical, and Relevant 1).

They must verify closely the research question or objective (aim) of the study because it is the most important part of the entire project. All the components of the study are strict- ly structured based on a clinical question: type of study, methodology applied, population studied, sample size cal- culation, time available, equipment, funding, instruments or questionnaire to measure the primary and secondary outcome or endpoint, and implementing the work. The questions that need to be answered by the reviewers are the following: 1) is there a clear, focused, and answerable study question; 2) is the study question innovative or rel- evant; 3) does the manuscript present an updated literature; 4) has the question already been answered in the literature; 5) does the study have the potential to advance scienti c knowledge, in uence clinical management and health pol- icy, or provide some directions to future research; 6) does it matter; 7) what relevant information will the study add to the literature; and 8) is the paper clearly written and well organized? 2).)).

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