In a systematic review related to nurse-physician collaboration, House and Havens reported that nurses and physicians held different perceptions of collaboration, shared decision making, teamwork and communication 1).

Communication failure and lack of collaboration among caregivers have been identified as the leading root cause of sentinel events and a primary contributing factor of adverse events and near misses in the clinical setting 2) 3)

House S, Havens D 2017 Nurses' and physicians' perceptions of nurse-physician collaboration: A systematic review Journal of Nursing Administration 47 (3) 165–171
Institute of Medicine 2003 Health professional education: A bridge to quality Washington DC, National Academies Press
United States Department of Veterans Affairs 2011 VA National Center for Patient Safety Available from: https: [Accessed May 2018])) of which 15-20% occurred in the operative setting ((The Joint Commission [TJC] 2013 Sentinel event data root causes by event type 2004-2012 Available from: http: Event_Type_04_4Q2012.pdf [Accessed May 2018])). The Institute of Medicine (2003) reported that more than 98,000 patients die each year due to preventable medical errors. —- see Effective communication.
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