Congress of Neurological Surgeons

Leader in education and innovation, dedicated to advancing neurosurgery, by inspiring and facilitating scientific discovery and its translation to clinical practice for members. The CNS provides members with the educational and career development opportunities they need to become leaders and innovators in the field.

Congress of Neurological Surgeons

10 North Martingale Road, Suite 190

Schaumburg, IL 60173

847-240-2500 TEL 847-240-0804 FAX Toll Free: 877-517-1CNS

Sections are independent with their own rules, officers, meetings, dues and financial accounts, but they also report annually to our executive committee. Our members are eligible to join sections, which include:

Cerebrovascular – Dedicated to education, research and patient care in cerebrovascular diseases

Neurotrauma & Critical Care – Focused on advocacy, education and research in the areas of trauma and critical care of the nervous system

Pain – Acts to increase the role of the neurosurgeon in pain management through education and advocacy

Pediatric – Dedicated to education, research and patient care in pediatric nervous system diseases

Spine & Peripheral Nerves – Dedicated to advancing spinal neurosurgery and related sciences through education, clinical research and improved patient care

Stereotactic & Functional Neurosurgery – Fosters the use of stereotactic and functional neurological methods for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system

Tumor – Promotes the neuro-oncology education of neurosurgeons and serves as a resource on nervous system tumors

Women In Neurosurgery – Serves to inspire, encourage and enable women surgeons

Following World War II, young neurosurgeons returned home looking to improve both their skills and the health of their communities. To meet these needs, the Congress of Neurological Surgeons was founded on May 10, 1951.

By the first Annual Meeting in November 1951, there were 121 members. In the over 60 years since, membership has grown to over 7,000 neurosurgeons worldwide.

The goal from the beginning was to provide the best training to neurosurgeons and improve health around the world. Our name was chosen to reflect this international reach while also referencing our surgical focus, the central nervous system.

One of founding members, James Gay, M.D., has documented the early days.

The CNS Foundation supports the creation and dissemination of neurosurgical clinical guidelines and the promotion of educational programs that enhance neurosurgical care.

Fellowship awards represent a strategic investment by the CNS on behalf of the field of neurosurgery. We offer fellowship awards for residents, neurosurgeons who have recently completed training, and established neurosurgeons alike. The awards are meant to defer some of the costs fellows incur during their research and to enhance the education of neurological surgeons at all stages of their careers.

Applicants must complete an online standardized application, to be reviewed by the CNS fellowship committee. Applications may be given special consideration according to the research or clinical topic chosen and the importance of that topic to the field of neurosurgery. Any overlap in funding for the same research project and/or fellowship period should be disclosed to the CNS fellowship committee and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

To ensure that suitable applicants receive fellowship training at centers that can provide a worthwhile learning experience, the CNS requires that the fellowship sponsor be qualified in the area of sought expertise, be interested in teaching and provide a suitable environment for the applicant.

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